The Hearse

Here she is!
Though her previous owner was a small funeral home, she was for sale at a junkyard. A 1976 Miller-Meteor Cadillac endloader, and she was all mine for only $1350. She was great fun to drive and most people got a kick out of my license plate, which read "UNDED". The hundreds of trick-or treaters who came to my house for 11 years enjoyed her as well. Unfortunately, several circumstances have led to her sitting in the driveway without running for too long and I had to sell her. Hopefully I'll be able to get another one someday...
Click here for pics of my 1989 Lincoln Limousine!

I have a friend who rides with me sometimes. He sits in the yard at Halloween to help provide the right atmosphere to accompany the hearse in the driveway. I highly recommend him to those with similarly spooky interests! Click here to see some of the friends who help me out at Halloween!
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