A little background for those who are interested... I started doing movie reviews for a local newspaper in 1985, then moved to a local magazine in 1993 where I continued to review movies for several years until they ceased publication. Since then, my reviews have been available on the internet. I love most genres of film, but to answer the frequently asked question... my favorite film is 1972's "Sleuth" with Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier. My favorite decade of filmmaking is the 1930's. And my favorite directors are Mike Figgis, Hal Hartley, Ridley Scott, Luc Besson, and Peter Weir. A list of the films I have given four stars to can be found here. For those who are interested in knowing a little about how many movies film critics watch, the average full-time critic views around 500 different films each year. Some view a little more, some a little less. Usually, those who view less, view several films more than once as they tend to write more in-depth and comparative articles rather than focusing on reviews. I'm still in the process of adding my reviews to this site, it will take awhile to get everything on, but you can check out what's there by clicking on the link below this section. Statistics on my much of my movie viewing follow:

In theaters 1980-2017 - 3856
On TV 1984-2017 - 2113
On video 1984-2017 - 15644
Repeat viewings 1984-2017 - 182

Total # of movies seen 1984-2017 - 21402 (1.72 per day)
Total # of movies seen in life - 22625 (1.07 per day)

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